I am committed to the mantra "reduce, reuse & recycle."  But what does that mean in the daily practice of running a one-human-jewelry business?

A. I purchase my precious metals from suppliers who use recycled Silver, gold, and copper as their primary resources.

B. I get used bubble wrap, packing paper, and cardboard boxes from local stores and re-use it to pack your order.

C. I add only a maximum of 4 paper based items to your package when I ship.

      1.  The packing slip

      2.  Mockingbird Lane Wire Business Card

      3. Optional extras depending on the item you purchased.

           1.  A set of care instructions for Sterling Silver

           2. A half page instruction for clasps that require a specialty tool.

D. I never add flyers, advertisements, or catalogues when I ship. In my view they are simply filler for the trash cans. 

E.  To reduce waste and excessive use of packing tape, I added a professional mailing label printer to my shipping process in 2016.

F.  I save and re-use every plastic zip lock bag I receive when I order wire, sheet metal, and jewelry findings.

G.  I save all precious metal scrap and return it to my favored suppliers for recycling.

H.  I also separate the remaining waste items by category and take each to the appropriate recycling center.