Consider the questions below before deciding on your preferred fit:  

    1. How comfortable are you wearing a turtleneck or other high necked snug fitting shirt for long periods of time? 

    If you, like me, find high necked clothing uncomfortable, rather like you are onstantly at risk of choking/gagging.  Then you won't want to get a rigid band style collar as this sensation can be doubled when laying down to sleep.

    Many of my clients do wear their band style high neck collars 24/7 in the with no issues, but nearly as many others need the collar to be either flexible like a chain collar, or shaped so it sits lower down  on the neck for comfort when sleeping.  

    Here's some photos showing different designs and how they should look worn.   

   This collar is a past client wearing her custom made piece. Rigid band style choker with drop pendant.

Rigid Band Style worn just above the base of the throat.  Pendant rests in the hollow between the collar bones

Here's another client wearing her simple contoured collar with captive segment ring focal lock

Base of the neck Circlet shaped and curved to sit lower.

Third one is another client photo with a chain style collar worn like a short necklace.

Client photo with chain style collar

    Lastly,     You'll want to consider locking mechanisms if you need that feeling of being locked in  along with some safety and practical considerations.  There are benefits and detractions to each.  

    1. Padlock- These are the least discreet, most secure but are bulky     even when fairly small, costly if you want them in sterling silver     and their weight must be considered in the design. A light weight     collar must be locked in the front to prevent the lock from dragging     the collar downwards at the back. Unsafe for wear in cases of     medical emergency, when operating large machinery (cars count), or     when you are physically alone if you don't have access to a key.  

    2. Regular clasps - come in a wide variety of styles are the most versatile, most discreet and the most safety conscious for the need to remove items in a medical emergency.  

    3. Captive segment or Captive bead rings. just as discreet, less bulky, can be made part of the overall design elements, inexpensive.  But also raise safety issues like those of padlocks, because they require the use of a special tool to operate them.