All of my made-to-order pieces take 2-3 weeks (longer during the September-February Christmas, New Years & Valentines Day shopping seasons)  for me to process prior to shipping. This is for 4 reasons:

  1. I'm nearly always running a queue of 25-35 custom orders and I do each on a first-order-in-first-order-out basis. I believe that each of my clients deserves fair treatment, so I do not accept rush order fees or push any customer's locked-in pre-paid order back to accomodate last-minute shoppers who want custom items.
  2. I run every aspect of this business all by myself in addition to my full-time day job and managing my family. So I have to build in time to handle all the business's administrative duties as well as making each piece by hand.
  3. I also like to maintain the utmost quality and I have learned that rushing things brings on mistakes and frustration for both me and my clients.
  4. I order in all the materials for each custom client as needed since I cannot predict which materials to stock you place your order.
  5. Shipping speeds after I complete your item depend on where you are in the world and on what shipping options you select during the checkout process.