24/7 wearability of sterling silver

This really depends on both wearer preference and environmental factors. I'm pasting some sterling silver information below for you to consider before making a decision. But the best person to know if this will work is you. If you can wear other sterling silver in the shower and while sleeping without issues then you should have no problems with a Mockingbird Lane Wire collar in .925 Sterling. 

  Usually the biggest culprits for making sterling silver a pain to wear is a combination of your own skin PH and sulphides in your environment. For example, I can wear sterling silver for a year or more before I need to give it a cleaning, while a friend of mine turns sterling silver black in a matter of hours when she wears it.  Fortunately she likes her silver to have that dark antiqued look, so she embraces how her chemistry makes the silver look.  

    The differences between us are body ph levels and where/how we live.     She lives in a highly humid area with city water that is chlorinated. My silver blackening friend also spends a fair amount of time in chemically treated hot tubs. She uses body care products (perfumes, lotions, etc) that tend to interact with the sterling.  I. on the other hand,  have well water, live in an area that is mostly drier air except for the summers, and I don't use any body products or hair care products.  On the very rare occasions I do use lotion or perfume I remove my jewelry first, apply the products and then wait until they are fully dry before putting on my jewelry.    

Here's some information on how to care for sterling silver jewelry.  

    You will need to do some regular maintenance the frequency of which     will depend on a lot of environmental factors. These include the     natural PH levels of the wearer, use of perfume, lotions, soaps,     swimming in chlorinated or sea water, hot tub chemicals, etc. I     recommend folks wearing silver never have their hair colored or     permed while wearing sterling as those chemicals will not only turn     the silver black they will also dull the shine.  

    Best care is to always store your jewelry when not worn in a sealed     ziplock bag. To help retard tarnish further you can place a piece of white chalk or an anti-tarnish strip in the bag with it. If you wear your sterling jewelry in the bath or the shower, ensure each piece is thoroughly dried with     a soft cloth any time it gets wet. Give it monthly, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning with a specially treated silver polishing cloth. (frequency depends on the envirnmental factors). These are available both online and at most retail stores with a jewelry counter. Another way to help keep your gorgeous jewelry looking new is to go once a year or so to a local jeweler who has a sonic cleaner or to invest in one of your own.  

    Here is a link to an excellent article on sterling and its care.