I remember when I was 12, summers seemed endless.  Being forced to wait a week for something was pure agony.  Now at 45 it is all I can do to keep up with the passing months, much less the weeks and days.  July 4th weekend was yesterday, wasn't it?

So, to keep on being able to build new jewelry pieces I always take some supplies with me on work travel.  I work on planes, while waiting for meetings, during lecture style conference sessions, and in the evenings while watching cable programming.

Last week I was in Atlanta, GA for a conference that started on Sunday and ran through noon on Friday.  I managed to complete only one full piece, but I also wove some lengths of trichinopoly chain for later use.  The piece I completed, pictured below, I strung on one of my 18" Sterling Trichinopoly chains made sometime last year or so.  I had intended to put it up on ETSY but someone at the conference who saw me working on it came up to my room Thursday evening and purchased it.  That was a pleasant surprise, as were the two other people who came up, looked at some of my work and also purchased items.  Another positive validation for me.