Mockingbird Lane Wire Gallery

A small sampling of pieces I 've created from 2013 through 2017

Crocheted wire with czech glass bead trim button close cuff

Carnelian Focal gemstone cluster on sterling 2013

Vintage bone reclaimed from a 1970's beaded hemp belt with copper and labradorite 2013

Titanium, 14kt gold fill and rough blue diamonds 2013

Still love how this FW pearl and copper cuff turned out. Made it while on a long plane ride 2013

Baroque pearl drop earrings sterling 2013

My foray into stainless steel flatware ring making 2013

Still a popular item in my shop. I make this for someone a couple of times every year. 2013

Bead woven Collar with monochrome Delica beads and Crystal Pendant 2013

Amethyst and sterling chain style collar with heart padlock 2013

Amethyst and London Blue Topaz Earrings 2013

My foray into Aluminum and Early Hammer Texturing 2013

Crocheted Copper Button Cuff 2013

Amethyst and 14kt Gold Fill CLuster Ring 2013

Stacked Choker 2013

Lily on Heavy Square Neck Wire 2013

Hematite and Sterling Chain 2014

Heart Pendant Neckwire 2014

Earrings Amethyst 2014

Ring Riveted 2014

Wide Band Chain Laced Choker 2014 Sterling

Traditional Slave Bracelet/ring combination Sterling 2014

Custom woven collar with Amethyst accented Infinity link clasp 2014

Earrings Sterling 2014

Earrings Sterling 2014

Earrings Sterling 2014

Fancy Viking Knit Bracelet Sterling 2014

Upcycled scrap leather cuff with Sterling Silver Accents 2015

Blue Apatite Infinity Choker 2015

Woven Biwa Pearl Cocktail Ring 2015

Open Heart Collar 2015

Sterling and Amethyst Woven Cuff Bracelet 2015

9mm Wide Celtic Knot Collar 2015

Wire Sculpted Chrysocolla Lapis Pendant 2015

Copper and Sterling Dome Pendant 2016

Turquoise Pendant 2016

Sterling Silver Rose Bracelet 2016

Copper and Brass cuffs with Etched designs 2016

14kt Solid Gold Hammer Textured Pendant 2017

Hand Knotted Freshwater Pearls 2017

First Hinged Collar 2017

Woven Titanium and Rainbow Niobium Statement Ring 2017

Sunflower Themed Collar 2017

Hand Knotted Mother Of Pearl bead leash that doubles as a necklace 2017

Princess Dreams done with Pink Swarovski Hearts 2017

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