Mockingbird Lane Wire - A Short Herstory

I have been a maker of things for as long as I can remember. As a young child, I designed clothing and accessories for Barbie, Ken and Skipper. My fascination with creating took me from sewing, to decoupage, to ceramics, to throwing my own pots, to weaving, through years of crocheting, a few disastrous experiments with knitting, and a couple of decades of black and white figure study photography. It was about 6 years ago now that I encountered wire as a medium, and found joy. Working with precious metal wire simultaneously excites my imagination and serves as a calming meditation.

While making art was my passion, I always felt it was something of an indulgence, and pursued other pathways deemed by my social circles as responsible adult careers. First in the retail industry, then in garment manufacturing, then in the US Navy as a Chinese Linguist, and after that University which led to a professional career as an Educator. I am still working full time as a professional Educator but I plan to keep on making art as long as I am physically able.

My story in founding this shop, is not unlike thousands of others. People kept telling me I should sell my work. But I soon ran out of friends and acquaintances who needed any more jewelry and with working full-time, I struggled with finding venues for selling my work. It was only when that a friend suggested I look into ETSY that I had an AHA! moment. So in August 2008 I took the plunge.

Since that time, while maintaining my full-time career, working to restore a 130 yr old Victorian home, and manage a household that includes my spouse and 6 cats (2 of which are blind), I've been running my shop online.

My process is pretty organic most of the time, in that I don't precisely plan out a new piece so much as I let the wire and the gemstones I'm using tell me what they wish to become.

My primary metal is .925 Sterling Silver. I love it because of it's beauty, versatility and that it's cost is much more approachable than that of the other precious metals like gold and platinum. I also am known to use Copper, .930 Argentium Silver, .999 Fine Silver, and 14kt gold filled wire. To add to the richness of my pieces and to provide bold splashes of color,

I also use various precious gems, and gemstone quality stones as well as man made gemstones (Cubic Zirconia, lab created Rubies & Sapphires) etc. And last but not least, whenever possible I reuse, recycle, and up-cycle found objects, vintage jewelry elements, and odd bits here and there. Some of my locking clasps I've re-purposed from standard body piercing jewelry components.

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